Cornerstone Counseling

Individual, Adult, Child, Adolescent,  and Family Counseling appointments are available during the day and evenings by calling (270) 885-9496


Reaching out takes courage . . .

It is never easy to admit that we have problems that we cannot handle (especially if we are Christian). Depression, anxiety, grief, suicidal thoughts, relationship problems, and unhealthy or self-destructive behaviors should not be ignored. The Bible recommends that we seek out the counsel of wise, experienced, and God-honoring counselors (Proverbs 15:22).


We offer a confidential setting in which individuals and couples can openly discuss feelings and problems and work toward solving difficulties. All services are provided by licensed, professionals who approach counseling from a Christian perspective.


We are located at 905 North Drive, next to Freedom Elementary School. Parking and entrance is at the rear of the building (handicapped accessible).


Our Counselors:  


 Rebecca Woodrow, Lincensed Clinical Social Worker,

also brings many years of knowledge and skills to Cornerstone Counseling. She has worked with children and teens for over 25 years, providing therapy for the last 19 years. God has called her to work with abused children and was the Designated Child Sexual Abuse Clinician for this area for 12 years.  She served with the Pennyrile Children’s Advocacy since it opened until August 2014.  Rebecca received specialized training in trauma treatment from the University of Kentucky and participated in a research project for 2 years from 2008-2010. Rebecca was married 21 years to her high school sweetheart, who was killed in an automobile accident in 2012. She is raising her 11 year old son with support of family and her church family. To email Rebecca Woodrow - 



Cindy Starling, Licensed Clinical Social Worker,


brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with her. She worked at Pennyroyal Center for over 22 years. Cindy has years of experience working with adolescents, adult codependency issues, depression, anxiety, anger management and relationship issues. She is credentialed to do Batterer Intervention (BIP) treatment. To email Cynthia Starling - 

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